La Tejana

Unusual Holidays

When you arrive at La Tejana you will find a hundred-year-old rural house located in the neighborhood of El Palmar (Teror, Gran Canaria), inside the 'Parque Rural de Doramas', in the middle of a garden that is at the foot of the peak of Osorio and surrounded by hills and mountains.

The tranquility of the place, the kindness and hospitality of its people and the wonderful nature that surrounds the house, allows us to offer you what you like most: an alternative, quiet and healthy space, which invites you to disconnect and recharge batteries making new friendships and practicing yoga, hiking, meditation or just reading a good book in a hammock.

On the other hand, and taking advantage of the "continent in miniature" in which we live, you have the opportunity to know the rest of the island and return home with the feeling that you have made the most of the time.

Our philosophy is to welcome you in our house as part of a small group (maximum 7 people) to be able to assist you in a personal and close way. We love sitting in a group to chat, laugh and enjoy friendship, with no more distractions than the wonderful nature that surrounds us.

Whether you prefer coming alone, with your family or with a group of friends, we can also customize your vacation or retreat. Just contact us and we will create a program adapted to your needs.

Dog friendly

Dog friendly

In La Tejana we are animal lovers and therefore we understand the need that many people have to go on vacation accompanied by their best friends. For this reason we have decided that our guests will be able to travel with their dogs provided that a series of rules are complied with so as not to inconvenience and hinder the coexistence with the other companions of the stay. On the other hand, understanding that the environment is not the most appropriate, we feel we cannot accommodate dogs whose breed is classified as potentially dangerous, cats or other pets.

For all the guests to enjoy a quiet and pleasant stay, the dogs that come on holiday to La Tejana must meet a series of indispensable requirements both for their admission and for their stay:



- Be sociable since they will spend the day in freedom with our dog Noa and the rest of our guests.

- Have the vaccination card in order, including the cough vaccine in the kennels.

- Have deworming treatments up to date.

- Have a microchip.

- The person listed as the owner in the booklet must be the person who makes the reservation. Otherwise, you must provide a document in which the dog owner authorizes the person making the reservation.



- Dogs will live in the outside of the house, sharing space with our dog Noa. Under no circumstances may they remain inside the home.

- The owner of each dog will be responsible for their food, hygiene, safety and walks.

- Dogs can accompany their owners only to hiking activities.

- The owner will be responsible for the physical and / or material damage that the dog could cause both inside and outside the house.


*If you plan to come with your dog, you must notify us at the time you make the reservation.

** We recommend protecting the dog at least 3 days before its arrival against canine filariasis, since the mosquito that transmits this disease is common in the Canary Islands. For more information on how to protect your dog consult your veterinarian.




Description and History of the House

La Tejana is located on a 1,000m² plot with 260m² of housing. It was built in the late nineteenth century and restored between 1990 and 1996, respecting the original construction. The house is made of stone, beams of tea and wood of riga, with a roof that conserves the old Canary tile that was used 180 years ago in the initial construction. We have chosen the Spanish noun of this element (teja) to give name to 'La Tejana'.

After its restoration, the house has been awarded by the Tourist Board of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo Insular of Gran Canaria, for its contribution to the beauty of the area.

The house has pleasant meeting spaces with different environments both indoors and outdoors that facilitate meetings, friendship and a relaxed atmosphere, becoming an ideal place whether you decide to spend your holidays alone or accompanied.

Our Team

Closeness and Enthusiasm

After several years going to retreats in search of something different, comes the idea of La Tejana. We have wanted to unify all the good that we have found and also what we would have liked to find: on the one hand, disconnection, serenity and calm, and on the other, the enjoyment of the natural environment, knowing new places and making new friends, not forgetting the playful and fun part that we look for in any holiday period.

An essential part for you to spend unforgettable moments in La Tejana is its team, made up of different professionals that will make your stay a unique experience for yourself and with others.

  • Fiona

    A few months ago this beautiful kitten joined Noa to add joy in La Tejana. Together they make the perfect team to make all our guests fall in love.

    Cat in Canary Islands Yoga Retreat
  • Vicky

    Born in Gran Canaria, with an enthusiastic and extroverted personality, she will accompany you during your stay at home.

    With a degree in Translation and Interpreting and having been a language teacher for a long time, she wanted to change her life after her contact with yoga more than ten years ago.

    Certified by the Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher for adults and children, she has found in this discipline a way of life that can be perfectly applied to the society in which we live.

    foto vicky sonriendo
  • Jose

    From Seville, he decided to settle in Gran Canaria after having lived in a large part of the Spanish geography. This island has a lot to offer, he says.

    Expert in Personal Coaching, he can make your stay an opportunity for personal growth through its amazing talks.

    Immersed also in the activity of the house, he has been, among others, the propeller of our organic garden and our chicken coop.

  • Saulo

    We have enjoyed the serenity and great personality of this man from Gran Canaria for several years. Certificated in Physical and Sports Activities, and Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, his closeness and empathy make more useful the moments that our guests spend with him.

    Lover of nature and with a good knowledge of the native flora and fauna, he will take us hiking on the island.

  • Noa

    Noa is our beautiful, adorable and sociable sheperd retriever dog. The farm would not be the same without her.

    Noa mascota canina de la Tejana

Our Commitment

An alternative and respectful Place

When we decided to launch La Tejana project we did it with the conviction that we should offer an alternative space, linked to ecotourism, focused on a healthy life, immersed in nature and from there, offer activities and workshops that make your experience in La Tejana something comforting and unforgettable.

Our goal is that you feel at home, offering a familiar and home-like atmosphere, with a close and personalized treatment.

In La Tejana we are very committed to the environment. We know the fragility of our ecosystem and we firmly believe that the best way to take care of it is to try to leave the minimum impact on it. In the Canary Islands there are almost half of the species of endemic flora of Spain and a large number of animal species that have the same condition; it is for this reason that we follow some norms that allow us to live in harmony with our natural environment:

  • Our house has been renovated with materials that respect the environment.
  • We separate and recycle our waste.
  • We grow in a totally ecological way without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • The animals that live with us do so under conditions of unbeatable freedom and health.
  • We minimize our energy consumption by using energy-efficient lighting.
  • We make compost with organic waste.
  • All our activities are designed to respect the environment.
  • We avoid unnecessary use of water, such as watering with the rainwater collected in our reservoir.
  • Weekly with our guests we plant a tree of native species to compensate our impact on the environment.