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La Tejana is a place to rest and meet with other people as well as with ourselves. We wanted our blog to be an open window to share a philosophy of healthy living, both physical and mental, dealing with topics related to yoga, nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, ecotourism, self-knowledge, meditation...

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  • Stretch of the road. Hiking in Spain
    arranco de los Cernícalos is a reference point for hiking in Gran Canaria because, in addition to its unusual natural beauty, it is one of the only two places on the island where you can walk along a water channel all year round. Being a simple and well-conditioned road in virtually all sections, we can spend a family day doing an activity that hooks from the youngest to the oldest.
  • Siddharta statue in India. Yoga retreat La Tejana
    Yoga is an inestimable present of the ancient Hindu tradition. It embodies the unity between the mind and the body; thought and action; control and fullness; the harmony of man with nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being.
  • Yoga on the beach. Yoga retreat La Tejana
    Imagine your dream destination, to which you have a list of activities and different things you can do and let you know the environment in a different way: a horseback ride, rafting, a guided tour of the surrounding villages, hiking, paragliding, diving...
  • Superfoods in Yoga Retreta La Tejana
    In recent years the word 'superfood' has become very fashionable. It is evident that there is a lot of marketing around this expression. But what exactly is a superfood? Why are they so beneficial? What foods are considered superfoods?
  • Yoga dance workshop in the yoga retreat La Tejana
    As a lover of yoga and dance that I am, I loved the idea in such a way that I decided to put it into practice not only in the yogadance workshop of our yoga retreat, but also incorporating it into the weekly sessions that I do with my yoga groups .
  • Views from the start of the road to Roque Nublo
    The Roque Nublo is for Gran Canaria what is the Teide for Tenerife or Timanfaya for Lanzarote; a place of reference for all those who want to know the most natural and authentic face of the island. If you have the opportunity to come to Gran Canaria and your time allows it, you can not stop uploading to this icon of obligatory visit. In this article we explain how it is.
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation workshop in yoga retreat La Tejana

    According to physiotherapist Michael Leslie in the Yoga Journal, 'The PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) is the closest we have come to scientific stretching'.

  • Las Canteras beach in Canary Islands, Spain
    The beach of Las Canteras is one of the best urban beaches in the world. It captivates all the people who visit it not only with its 3 kilometers of clean and fine sand, but also with its essence, with the presence of street artists, sand sculptors and bronze sculptures along the avenue, with a varied alternative leisure, whether you want to play sports, or if you decide to take something on a terrace while you enjoy looking at the Atlantic.
  • Hiking in Spain, Finca de Osorio

    The Finca de Osorio is a natural area of 207 hectares in which roads, mountains, ravines, farmland and forests run. Every time I visit it I can disconnect from everything and I feel in complete harmony with nature, living and enjoying the moment in each look, each step and each breath.


  • Author practicing yoga

    I remember the first practice in which I started to "teach" yoga. And I write "teach" with quotation marks because I have never found the right term to define the application of my knowledge to others. My first practice as an instructor was with children. I had just obtained my certificate as a child yoga instructor and did not see the day of starting to share my practice with them. I was very lucky.

  • Author practicing yoga
    It had always been one of your purposes for the beginning of the year, but you had never made it happen: "I want to start doing yoga ... I'm going to start doing yoga ..." And finally this year has been the definitive one: you have started practicing yoga. Right now you are in that moment in which you don´t know if you like it, if you don´t like it, if it is for you, if you prefer something else ... Well ... keep on reading. This may be of interest to you.
  • Figura buda
    Yoga nidra is a yoga practice that until recently wasn´t well known, or at least I was not familiar with it. Fortunately, I have recently started to introduce it to my usual practice and it is something that I personally love and that everyone who knows it greatly enjoys. In addition, with some exceptions, it is very beneficial and completely recommendable.
  • Autora en curso de yoga
    Until about ten years ago, I had no idea that yoga existed. Sorry, I'm lying.I knew that yoga existed, but I never thought it was for me and I didn´t think it would become such an important part of my life.
  • Soothing landscape in yoga retreat
    I remember one day, while I was looking for alternatives to make a different vacation, I came up with something related to nature, with tranquility, with rest, that helped me to disconnect a bit from the daily grind, but at the same time let me continue to enjoy what I like: practice yoga, hiking, meeting people, visiting new places, having time for myself -- And I found it.