Why choose alternative holidays?

Why choose alternative holidays?

Hiking in Yoga retreat La TejanaWhether doing ecotourism, ethnotourism or adventure tourism, or enjoying a yoga, wellness, detox, meditation or spiritual retreat, among others, you will be able to contribute to your life that dose of continuous discovery and adventure to which you are not normally accustomed.

For me holidays are that parenthesis in which I can take advantage to live different experiences in my life. That gives me the opportunity to disconnect enjoying a few days or a few weeks a life that, by the circumstances that are, is not usual. And above all, a lapse of time in which I can connect with myself doing what I like the most.

Fiesta de la Rama in Canary islands. Retiro de yoga La TejanaAlthough I greatly respect people who prefer to enjoy a traditional vacation, hotel, city, beach, cruise and tour packages, I personally, I am a bit lazy to think that the short time of disconnection I have in One year I leave it to the drift of mass tourism. Although, I repeat, it is simply a question of tastes and priorities, nothing more.

On the other hand, there are more and more companies or centers dedicated to successfully organizing alternative vacations. These types of sites are great when it comes to disconnecting and simply letting yourself go living the experience, without worrying about schedules, transportation or accommodations. Within these types of centers are camps, schools and retreats, which are not only limited to a child audience, but also to adults.

As for the retreats, there are all kinds. As previously specified, there are the well-known yoga retreats, such as the one we usually enjoy in La Tejana. There are also retreats of meditation, spiritual, detox or ayurveda if what you want is to feed your interior. Or retreats of sports activities such as surfing, dance, martial arts, cycling, hiking or high mountain, if you are looking for a more energetic retreat. There are even culinary retreats, to discover other gastronomies or learn to cook.

Craft cheese shop. Yoga retreat La TejanaIn addition to centers that organize your vacations, with a little time, dedication and imagination you can organize your own alternative holidays. Imagine your dream destination, to which you have a list of activities and different things you can do and let you know the environment in a different way: a horseback ride, rafting, a guided tour of the surrounding villages, hiking, paragliding, diving, or even a tourism that I would call autochthonous, in which we could know traditions, customs and gastronomy of the area ... Today it can be said that it is possible to organize a holiday "a la carte".

At this point you will probably be interested in some type of alternative tourism that encourages you to do something different: get away from the ordinary, do unusual activities, retire to practice some activity, do rural tourism ... they are Diving dive. Yoga retreat La Tejanaone of the many ideas that we can give you to make your vacation an alternative experience.


Today, alternative tourism represents around 8% of total tourism in Spain and is usually practiced more by foreigners than the Spaniards themselves. They are usually singles and couples between 25 and 50 years old, although we always find everything. A fact that we have been observing more and more, is also that every year the number of families that practice this type of tourism grows; after all, doing team activities always unites us.


And now that we've given you a few ideas, don´t you feel like giving an alternative touch to your vacation?


By Saulo Amado.