Sharing my yoga practice with others

Sharing my yoga practice with others

I remember the first practice in which I started to "teach" yoga. And I write "teach" with quotation marks because I have never found the right term to define the application of my knowledge to others. My first practice as an instructor was with children. I had just obtained my certificate as a child yoga instructor and did not see the day of starting to share my practice with them. I was very lucky. The center where I usually came to do my practice soon entrusted me with a few sessions with the youngest ones.

I remember the first day perfectly. My practice with them well prepared. I was not nervous, just the opposite. I was happy. The fact that I felt confident also helped a lot. Having been a teacher at a school for 9 years had given me the necessary experience to find myself as a fish in the water with the little ones. Also, I was prepared: 45 minutes in which everything was programmed so that I would not have any loose ends. I loved the first experience. We had a great time. But of the 45 minutes I had been prepared, I think that I only fulfilled a third of that programming. The rest of the practice was flowing little by little. My first learning: in the practice of yoga, as in many aspects of life, there is nothing established. After a few sessions with them I was the first surprised. I was not the only one who taught them. The learning was mutual, reciprocal. Second learning: I was not teaching themAuthor practicing yoga in La Tejana yoga. I was sharing my practice with them.

I liked the experience so much that, as I mentioned in one of my previous articles, I continued to expand my knowledge in order to continue sharing my knowledge not only with children but also with adults.

How different everything was from my previous profession. And I thought that at first I was going to try the same thing: to teach others. What a mistake!

To be honest, it is not that I have so much time with my yoga and is not that I have dozens of titles hanging in my room. Not one thing, nor the other. But if it is true that compared to my yoga training at the beginning it was very similar to when you get the driver's license: theoretical training (not practice) is not as long as a university career or as a training cycle and if we continue with the comparison, you really start to "teach" yoga when you follow the path alone by sharing your practice with others, without your teacher, in the same way that you start to really face the road when you have to interact with other drivers without your driving instructor in the seat next to you.

Starting from the basis that for me the most important thing is to be surrounded by wonderful people, a moment has arrived in my life in which I love what I do. I feel very fortunate to have a space in which I enjoy what yoga brings me and especially I like to share that space with others. I love to continue deepening in different aspects not Group practicing yoga in La Tejanaonly related to yoga, but with everything that allows me to lead the life that I like. My personal library is filled with books that I devour and that allow me to deepen more and more in what really makes me enrich as a person. I also start to be more selective with my training, taking into account that I am interested above all in the quality of what I learn and not so much the quantity.

However, what has really made me grow and makes me fully happy is what I get from others during a practice or a retreat: a deep embrace of gratitude, a look of happiness, a personal achievement, a room full of enchanted people with what we do, a "I do not want it to end" and a "we will return" ... You cannot ask for more.



By Victoria Galván.