A walk through Finca de Osorio

A walk through Finca de Osorio

The Finca de Osorio is a natural area of 207 hectares in which roads, mountains, ravines, farmland and forests run. Every time I visit it I can disconnect from everything and I feel in complete harmony with nature, living and enjoying the moment in each look, each step and each breath.


When we walk to the Finca de Osorio, we always enter the parking area. There is no better way to start the journey than by visiting the manger, the corrals and the stables of the place. Everyone is impressed when they see the cows and bulls typical of the Canaries, also known as criollos. These animals easily exceed 600 kilos and transmit the same tranquility as the rest of the environment. We can also see other breeds of farm animals typical here, such as the black pig or the Canarian sheep, apart from chickens and roosters that are all over the farm and we will continue to see along our walk.

The next point where we stop is in the main house, known by many as 'La Casona', a 19th century building that mixes the style of the Canarian rural house with the English colonial style. Next to the main house there is a beautiful garden, which is currently closed to the public, where we can see plant species from five continents. In its entrance it explains that it was the old tea garden of the Manrique de Lara (former owners of the Finca de Osorio).

From here the nature walk begins. In Osorio there are 6 marked trails. I usually say that I do not like to follow any one in particular, that I prefer to do a little of all.

We started with a walk around the recreational area of the farm, a place thaFilming set of "Palmeras en la Nieve. Canary Islandst served as part of the filming set of the Spanish film 'Palmeras en la nieve', recreating the cocoa plantation of Equatorial Guinea present in a large part of the film. From here we begin to enter marked trails, surrounded by trees of American and European origin such as oaks, cork oaks and ombúes that were introduced by the old owners and exploiters of the farm.

After a short walk we arrive at “El jardín de las brujas” (The Witches' Garden), a curious park where it seems to be autumn throughout the year and that owes its name to a mystical legend that should not overshadow its beauty.

Walk of 'Finca de Osorio'. Canary IslandsWe continue the path and, although we are still surrounded by trees of foreign origin, we begin to see the native flora with several Canarian pines and laurels. After climbing a long slope enjoying a characteristic smell of pine mixed with eucalyptus, we arrive at 'La casa del guarda' (the house of the guard), place of obligatory stop and have some water and enjoy the beautiful views we have from its viewpoint.

When continue our walk and we begin to enter the laurel forest that is still preserved inA guest of yoga retreat La Tejana hugging a tree in Canary Islands the area. During the next 20 minutes we will walk through a narrow path, surrounded by laurel trees, holly oaks, lime trees and other species representative of the vegetation characteristic of this type of subtropical Canarian forest. From here the road is paved, even with a last section of descent between wild orange trees.

The Osorio's secret site. Hiking in Canary IslandsThe best of all the way is reserved for the end, a truly magical place. There are those who call it “La gruta de los duendes” (the cave of the goblins), although I do not think it has a name. Once, a guest told us that it could be called 'the heart of Osorio' and I think that taking its beauty into account it would not be a bad idea. However, I wouldn´t like to tell you much about this place.  I would prefer that you discover it for yourself.


If you have already had the possibility to see some of our programming you will have noticed that the Finca de Osorio is a place that is always repeated in our walks. And as you have already read, it is one of those 'magical' places in Gran Canaria that I would recommend to everyone who has the opportunity.

We are very  lucky because La Tejana is just a 20 minutes walk from this place, and because of that,  I would not let our guests  leave here without knowing this place.


By Saulo Amado