Yoga. 11 reasons for a retreat

Yoga. 11 reasons for a retreat

According to a report from the Wellness Tourism Market, vacations destined to enjoy nature and disconnection (often considered retreats) are on track to grow more than 10% in the coming years. It does not surprise me. In this regard, I have a few reasons of my own why I would recommend enjoying something like this to anyone who wants to try.

A few years ago, looking for alternatives to have a different holiday, I came up with something related to nature and to tranquility and rest, that helped me to disconnect a bit from the daily bustle, but at the same time it should allow me to continue enjoying what I like: practicing yoga, hiking, meeting people, visiting new places, having time for myself ... And I found it. I was not sure that something like that was offered. But yes, it was. By simply searching the internet, or agencies, even magazines, you can get to the place you are looking for.

Well. After having enjoyed a few yoga retreats in different years and in different places, I want to share with you why I think that if you like this type of experiences, you should try and see what you find. These are some of the reasons I found myself.

  • You know new places:

And yes, it's true. Let's see, it's not like you go through three different cities in a day, but I usually have retreats asana en una roca in different places and in different countries because, as some days are destined to hiking or excursions, I don´t miss the opportunity to do tourism and get to know places where I haven´t been before. In addition, as retreats are often held in magical places, the surroundings that you normally find offer spectacular landscapes, such as taken from magazine covers. I love it!


  • You meet new people

I have always gone alone to a retreat. Except for once that I agreed with a friend I had met at a retreat the previous year, and we decided to share experience again. They are the only vacations that I have neither with my husband Autora y amiga en retiro nor with other friends. There is no reason, but simply because they like other kinds of experiences. So it's like a gift that I give to myself once a year. Something like this allows you to meet people with ideas similar to yours and with whom you share many experiences. You also meet people who come from everywhere, even from different countries. All this brings me a great cultural enrichment, at the same time that it gives me some good friends with whom I keep in touch once and the holidays are over.

  • You eat healthy

Right now I am quite aware of what I eat and I give a lot of importance to food. But at first it was not so much, and a little season of retirement, even if it was short served me to detoxify my body from so much excess. And just eating healthier, made me feel better. Also the quality of the food is usually excellent and you don´t have to worry about cooking. Honestly, I don´t need anything else.

  • You practice yoga

It is true that there are many retreats in which different activities are offered, but in my case in particular, I always choose one in which yoga is practiced because for me it is fundamental. Most of the time, yoga is practiced first thing in the morning before breakfast, which is a healthy way to "force" to get out of bed. And if one day you do not feel like it, nothing happens because all activities are usually voluntary. I also love to practice with new teachers because Yoga en retiro I always learn something from everyone. On the other hand, we work specially with the control of breathing and meditation. Then in the afternoon, during the stay, there is usually a more specific yoga workshop among all the activities offered. But of course, all that always depends on the retreat you are attending. The fact is that whether you have practiced yoga or not, it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can take on your return home.



  • You try new activities

The workshops that are normally held in a retreat are always a great demand. In fact it is one of the things that most attract my attention. It is an ideal opportunity to try something different that maybe you had not considered before. Without going any further, in one of these workshops I discovered that I loved to dance and as soon as I finished that holidays I looked for a place to develop my new hobby. I really love it! I have found workshops as diverse as those of biodanza, corporal expression, dances of the world, yoga nidra, laughter therapy ..., I like some of them more than others, but that´s it: you can try and if you don´t like it you can always dedicate your time to do something else.

  • You do hiking

Hiking is also one of the most popular activities that you can find and that everyone likes. I have never missed the opportunity to enjoy each of the different walks. It is the activity that helps most to be in contact with nature, to disconnect from the busy life that perhaps takes us there, to enjoy the different sounds, to breathe fresh air and to continue enjoying the tranquility that these retreats usually offer you. Isn´t that great?

  • You detoxify for a while from the technologies

Nowadays it seems almost impossible to disconnect from everything that happens around us. In a retreat you voluntarily disconnect from all that. Little by little, the desire to continually be aware of what is outside gives way to wanting to enjoy being disconnected. You focus more on the people, on the site, on the here and now that we need so much.

autora en hamaca
  • Your creativity grows:

I was very surprised how a retreat has enhanced my creative abilities. It's something like you're waiting for your mind to be more relaxed so that inspiration comes to you. Apart from having discovered what I like dancing, it has also brought me back to hobbies I had long ago, but which I had already left aside, such as writing and painting. And then there are things that you happily reincorporate and that you enjoy doing in your daily life.

  • You meditate:

In a natural environment it is much easier to connect with your inner self. When you practice yoga more assiduously, the energy you bring to your body through the different asanas helps you achieve better results when meditating. It seems as if the mind asks you for that moment and you make use of it.

  • You have fun:Momentos divertidos

A lot of fun! A yoga retreat does not have to be the exception. There is time for everything.Besides that you usually choose it because yoga is something that you like, there are many other moments in which you really have a good time. It is not only the time you share with yourself, but also the time you share with others: meals, walks, workshops, excursions, evenings ... Everything becomes a space in which you simply have to enjoy the moment.

  • You return home renewed:

A retreat of this kind can be an important turning point in your life. You always get something out of them. It encourages you to create or regain good habits; you care more for your body and your mind; you learn about everything and everyone. And if by chance you are interested in yoga, and have never practiced this before, it can be a kind of introduction to a practice that could change your life. If you have not done yoga before, this is one of the best ways to start. And if yoga is already part of your life, you know that this type of vacation will help you feel more relaxed and you will return home full of energy after a well deserved rest.

These are some of the reasons why I consider it a must to do a retreat at least once a year. Surely there are many more reasons. Why don´t you try and find yours? It could become one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of your life.



By Victoria Galván