Yoga + music = yogadance

Yoga + music = yogadance

If you are reading this article it is because you have visited our website, and if you have visited our website, you have probably taken a look at the activities that we propose in our weekly retreat schedule in La Tejana. In this particular case, I am referring to the workshop we have called "yogadance", because it is nothing more than a fusion between yoga and music, a kind of choreography in which different yoga asanas are intertwined.

The yogadance is not something new. In fact, if you take a tour of differentYoga dance workshop in the yoga retreat La Tejana websites, you will find many ways in which this way of practicing yoga has been focused. In my case, the idea of developing a workshop with that name came from having stumbled on the internet with a video that showed how different yoga practitioners performed a choreography to the rhythm of Billy Jean's song, by our Michael Jackson, from the guidelines offered by the dancer and yoga instructor Theresa Elliot (

As a lover of yoga and dance that I am, I loved the idea in such a way that I decided to put it into practice not only in the aforementioned yogadance workshop but also incorporating it into the weekly sessions that I do with my yoga groups.

Yoga dance in yoga retreat La TejanaNormally in the weekly practices I do not usually play background music. The music that I use in a yoga practice limits it to the moment of final relaxation. I have no specific reason to do it that way. But in particular, I like to practice yoga in silence and that is what I transmit in the sessions.

However, the way of using music in yogadance is completely different. From the songs different blocks of asanas begin to be created, which together form the choreography itself. The session of yogadance is always welcomed with enough acceptance and isYoga dance masterclass in the yoga retrat La Tejana usually an alternative as a variation of a classical yoga practice. It goes from performing a Sun Salutation to the rhythm of Maroon 5 until ending in the Happy Baby with Shakira, with the same purpose of having mind, body and spirit connected all the time and lending the same level of attention and presence as in a normal yoga class, feeling already familiar with the alignment and technique of the asana.


Finally, I invite you to visit our section of videos in our "Gallery" section, and enjoy some of the choreographies.  Would you like to practice any of them?


By Victoria Galván.