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  1. Week of sunny days and greats conversations

    Group "Los hispanohablantes"

    Guests from different countries of the world and all speaking the Spanish language in an amazing way. Good mood and great conversations during a week full of activities and good weather.

  2. An example of strength and overcoming.

    Group " Volvería con los ojos cerrados"

    An example of strength and overcoming. Week full of curiosities and great feelings of friendship. Yoga transforms people. We hope to see you again!

  3. Wonderful week with good company.

    Group " smiles everywhere"

    Intense week with guests who left us a great memory, always smiling, feeling relax even if the weather is not as expected and always finding the positive side of situations and moments. It was a real pleasure having you at home!

  4. Fun week full of laughs, mountain meditation and curiosity.

    Group "El gallo y las gallinas"

    Fun week full of laughs, mountain meditation and curiosity in every activities that we do. Yoga confirmed the good physical fitness of the group and the good atmosphere during the week.

  5. Week of sunshining at the end of November ..

    Group "Cosmopolita"

    In this week full of guests from different countries we visited places with spectacular landscapes, interesting conversations and lovely visits to typical Canarian villages.

  6. Week of clouds from November ..

    Group "Luciérnaga"

    Looking for the sun in a week full of clouds in November but where there was never a lack of atmosphere and eagerness to do things ..

  7. Magical last week with these nice girls looking for the sun

    Group "Perfectoa Lindas"

    Magical last week with these nice girls looking for the sun. Improvised visits and lots of yoga. Retreat companions who will surely have a great friendship for a long time...

  8. Calm, tranquility and long walks

    Group "Drago"

    Tranquility, naturalness and so much peace is what this group of girls transmitted in our retreat. Long walks and conversations that made the week fly by ...

  9. Wonderful week with good company.

    Group "Running"

    Wonderful week full of good energy and different cultures. A lot of sympathy, good humor and long conversations in the garden. Yoga classes set and good connection between guests.

  10. 4 nationalities for only one week

    Group " 4 nationalities"

    Guests arriving from different European countries. Casual encounters that become beautiful friendships. Sports girls and yoga lovers ... Very good vibes!

  11. En solitario y rodeada de vegetación y naturaleza

    Group "Joyce"

    Interesting conversations with our great cat lover guest. She enjoyed a week alone with lots of peace and tranquility surrounded by nature and she had a great time!

  12. Lovely, smiling and energetic girls. Great company where we enjoy good yoga

    Group " Gracia And María José"

    Lovely, smiling and energetic girls. Great company where we enjoy good yoga, long walks and swimming in the pool. An unbeatable atmosphere and temperature!

  13. Week of girls arrived from diferrents places of Spain.

    Group " Las Tejanas"

    Group of girls coming from different places of Spain with different stories to tell and adventures to enjoy. Long pool moments and good walks always accompanied by great warm days and lots of laughs ..

  14. Week of long walks and metting new flowers.

    Goup " Las britisalson"

    A balance between the search for sun shining and fresh air for girls of different nationalities who perfectly matched the native girl. Paths, swimming pool and long talks of knowledge of flowers that made us discover new species.

  15. the week went by very fast, with great sunshining!

    Group "Las Nonina"

    A week full of surprises and great humor. The friendships that formed suddenly and will last for a long time! Hiking, swimming pool and the occasional whim visiting the villages of our island ... Everything flowed in a warm and big complicity.

  16. Week of intense heat.

    Group "Swimming pool"

    Week of intense heat looking for shades to meditate and pool to cool off some permanent sunbeams. Idyllic time that created a pleasant and smiling atmosphere.

  17. People from the city who decide to come to disconnect in nature

    Group "L@s urbanit@s"

    People from the city who decide to come to disconnect in nature, achieving harmony and much complicity. Friendships that are born and continue maybe for all the time because they flow in a relaxed place and holiday environment.

  18. the week went by very fast!

    Group "Las María José y Chloe"

    Catching the sun and meditation in nature. Week of clouds and clearings and long conversations. Different nationalities and good understanding. Great connection with peaceful moments and good humor. The week went by very fast !

  19. Complicity, good atmosphere and natural scents. Fun week with dances and improvised cooking classes. They took a great friendship, they shared days of yoga, meditation, hiking and lots of laughs ..

    Group "Las Torrijas"

    Complicity, good atmosphere and natural scents. Fun week with dances and improvised cooking classes. They took a great friendship, they shared days of yoga, meditation, hiking and lots of laughs ..

  20. Different languages decorated the walks in natural places

    Group "Singles"

    Different languages decorated the walks in natural places. Good conversations and excellent yoga students. Adventurers and very good company throughout all the week. Calm moments  where reading books was the favorite activity, smiles and good feeling.


  21. Week of yoga classes in the garden

    Group "Guerreras en pie"

    Extroverts, sports girls and good conversations. The group was very well together, with a very good feeling. Yoga classes in the garden, meditation in nature. A sunny week with good breeze at sunset. Very nice.

  22. She draws and smile every time

    Group "Sara"

    She draws and smile all the time. Beautiful conversations and great walks in a warm and cool atmosphere. Her first time on these tropical islands and we are sure that she will return to the Canaries because she felt very happy!

  23. dance, yoga and soul week

    Group "Noelia Pompa"

    A week of "dance, yoga and soul" with a luxury guest. Interesting talks, tranquility and peace in the atmosphere and very contagious laughter that made a funny day and made us take more and more affection for her ....

  24. A week full of hikes and laughs

    Group " Trono de la Alegría"

    Incredible week full of laughs, hikes and experiences that we will always remember. She arrived with surprises and made us discover the "Throne of Joy". Without doubts, we want to repeat !.

  25. Dreamy and adventurous. Good weather in a good company.

    Group "Norte y Sur"

    Dreamy and adventurous girls, we seek the sun, sea and nature and we traveled half of the island. Interesting conversations and a week with good weather and good company.

  26. A week with rain and sunbeams

    Group " Aurelia "

    Aurelia spent a week in clouds and clearings enjoying long walks under the umbrella looking for sunbeams and calm. Lovely, it was a pleasure to meet you!

  27. A sunny week with great atmosphere

    Group "Magnolias"

    A sunny week with good temperature. Moments of relaxation and fun visits to the island. A very pleasant atmosphere. We were in family!

  28. A fantastic week with funny girls

    Group "Shallow"

    Wonderful choristers of radio songs, dancers of village centers ... Very funny and nice girls, they created a true friendship between them .... A fantastic week!

  29. A good week with lovely girls

    Group " Fleurs & water "

    Nice days with good humor and good company. Curious and nice girls that made us spend a week full of good conversations in an excellent environment. A big pleasure, girls!

  30. Nice week walking under the sun.

    Group 'High Quality total'

    Nice week with 'blue sky storm', where Grace, amy, Pino and Núria could enjoy walks under the sun. Interesting conversations and good humor. It was a real pleasure to have met them!

  31. A good week with charming people

    Group 'Orquídea'

    A good atmosphere and great temperature in La Tejana. A charming and enterprising groupe of  people who enjoyed with us during all the week. It was a real pleasure to have been so well accompanied!

  32. Tres nuevos miembros en la Tejana.

    Group 'Melenas'

    Three new members join La Tejana's Family. Last week we were very lucky to meet Constantin, Claudia and Vanja who delighted us with their wisdom, good humour and great sympathy. It was a real pleasure to have met them!

  33. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana

    Group 'Arminda'

    This week in La Tejana we have received the good humor of Juanjo, the vitality of Lola, the curiosity of Tanja and the knowledge of Marta. With them we have enjoyed all the new experiences that they have given us with their great generosity.

  34. Guests of Yoga Retreat in Spain hiking in Osorio

    Group 'Pico de Osorio'

    In this retreat a group of the most varied was formed. We hope that everything we have learned thanks to you has come back to you in some way! We love the people like that.

  35. Guests of Yoga Retreat in Spain hiking in Osorio

    Group 'Araucaria'

    These traveling friends agreed with our favorite Norwegian to, among the three, make their days here an unforgettable experience for all of us.

  36. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Tuno'

    This week La Tejana has received a great wave of good humor and good energy. This group showed us that wonderful people do not need reasons to smile all the time. Thanks Flo, Anne, Iness and Laura.

  37. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Buganvilla'

    Ruth and Blanca showed us that when laughter and complicity flow naturally, friendship arises without any effort. Thank you very much for these days in which you have enlightened us with your beautiful light.

  38. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Guagua'

    A week of friendship and cultural exchanges in La Tejana in which we are left with the peace of Jamie, the spirit of Elisa and the smile of Eva. Our heart was once again captivated.

  39. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Osorio

    Group 'Pella de gofio'

    The family who this week was created in our yoga retreat left a mark on our hearts for life. What a joy it gives us to see young people with such good energy.

  40. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Vegueta'

    These two lovers of nature, good life and good food met in our retreat and, in addition to starting a beautiful friendship, they captivated our hearts with their simplicity and great sense of humor.

  41. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana

    Group ' El Verol'

    These two Galician friends spent a short but intense weekend with us in the best way. We hope to see you again.

  42. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana

    Coral Weekend

    Coral went through our retreat as a wave of emotions and left us a sea of super positive sensations. It is difficult to find people as special as her. Thank you very much with all my heart.

  43. Yoga in El Palmar, teach by yoga retreat La Tejana

    Yoga in El Palmar

    On the occasion of the festivities of the Virgen de las Nieves in El Palmar, in Teror, our partner Vicky gave a yoga workshop that was very popular among the neighbors. We will continue working to that yoga comes ever further!

  44. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Osorio

    Group 'Galdar'

    From the energy and spontaneity of his youth, Camino reminded us of something we should never forget: people are made of emotions!

  45. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana

    Group 'El Puertillo'

    During their visit, María and Juanma took the opportunity to get to know Gran Canaria better than us and in passing they gave us hundreds of experiences and moments that we will never forget. Here or in Madrid, we will see!

  46. Holydays in yoga retreat

    Group 'Laurisilva'

    During this week of guests coming and going. This Asturian by birth and 'tejanera' of adoption gave us thousands of smiles and her infinite positivity. Thank you very much!

  47. Excursions through Spain in the yoga retreat La Tejana

    Group 'El Drago'

    During her stay, Andrea showed us that the good way to live happily is to be always ready to enjoy, without prejudice or rejection.

  48. Guests of yoga retreat La Tejana hugging a tree

    Group 'La Peña'

    These two friends wanted to disconnect for 4 days in La Tejana and by chance they filled us with their vibrant positive energy.

  49. Guest of La Tejana retreat in viewpoint of Las Palmas

    Group 'El Plátano'

    This wonderful french woman spent a week in La Tejana. She taught us to look at our island as if it were the first time again.

  50. Pareja posando en las Dunas de Maspalomas

    Group 'El Palmar'

    Iñaki and Diana from Pamplona (North of Spain) enjoyed a wonderful week with us at the beginning of September. It was his first time in Gran Canaria and something tells us that it will not be the last.

  51. Peluqueras, Bandama

    Group 'Bandama'

    This group of hairdressers wanted to come and spend a different weekend in La Tejana. They had a good time and we also have a lovely time; with such guests, it is worth doing what we do.

  52. Familia Roque Nublo

    Group 'Roque Nublo'

    Antonio, the father of this family, enjoys only one week a year of vacation and decided to spend it with us. According to him he could not have chosen a better place.

  53. Group Guayadeque

    Group 'Guayadeque'

    This small group from the north and south of Spain who met in La Tejana and who were coming to Gran Canaria for the first time, enjoyed the different landscapes that the island offered them.

  54. Familia Artenara

    Group 'Artenara'

    This Andalusian family decided to spend a different vacation in La Tejana. We wanted to welcome them as part of our family and in the end it was they who welcomed us.

  55. Yoga

    Group 'El Risco Verde'

    A group of old friends, decided to spend a week together in La Tejana. It has been an unforgettable week for them and for us. We really appreciated it.


  • Yoga dance con grupo melenas Esta semana hemos realizado una sesión de yoga dance con estos tres nuevos miembros que se han unido a la familia ¡Fue un autentico placer haberles conocido!

  • Yoga dance como vacaciones alternativas Sesión mañanera de Yoga Dance en nuestro retiro de yoga y vacaciones alternativas en Canarias. En La Tejana hacemos yoga e interesantes talleres a diario, en los que nuestros huéspedes disfrutan aprendiendo nuevas formas de practicar yoga.

  • Yoga dance en Canarias El Yoga Dance es una práctica que gusta a todos, incluso a los más escépticos. En nuestro retiro de yoga en Canarias siempre practicamos una coreografía con nuestros huéspedes para darles la oportunidad de probar la experiencia.

  • Teror La Concejalía de Turismo del Ayuntamiento de Teror ha lanzado a través de las redes sociales un video promocional de Teror, presentado el pasado viernes en el Auditorio municipal en el acto del pregón de la Fiesta del Agua. Bajo el slogan ‘Teror se siente’.  

  • Gran Canaria. Isla de cuento Bienvenidos a Gran Canaria, a este cuento de mágicas formas y colores que atrapan a cada persona que lo visita.

  • Yoga dance en las Islas Canarias Final del Taller de Yoga Dance en el retiro de yoga La Tejana, en las Islas Canarias.

  • Yoga dance en Gran Canaria Nuestra compañera Victoria Galván y nuestra gran amiga Andrea Díaz, nos hicieron pasar un finde yogui inolvidable. Repetiremos experiencia, sin duda alguna.

  • Time-lapse Roque Bentayga Time-lapse a los pies del Bentayga, en Gran Canaria. Cortesía de Semi.

  • Medianías de Gran Canaria Nuestro huésped Iñaki nos hace de guía con las hermosas vistas que podemos ver desde el punto más alto de Gran Canaria.


  • Thanks a million for your hospitality, freindship, and great food. We will always remember our time at La Tejana.

    Anlies y Geeke
    La Tejana
  • La Tejana is a yoga specialist for all types, giving affection to whoever comes, making a smile, homemade food with a good level, making you feel at home and welcoming you from the first moment. Thank you for making us live all of that.

    Anja and Quino.
    La Tejana
  • If what you look for is bad vibes, stress, insomnia, bad eating, bad yoga sessions, lots of rain, La Tejana is not for you. Here you can breathe peace, good vibes, good food and good yoga.

    Thank you so much for everything.

    La Tejana
  • This is my first yoga retreat. I've been here for a week and enjoyed every second. I have enjoyed our conversations around the table, your hospitality and will carry it with me as a warm and valuable memory.

    La Tejana
  • Thanks for the relaxing yoga lessons Vicky and for the nice walk yesterday. I really enjoyed the peace of the nature!

    La Tejana
  • Thank you Vicky for teaching me a new way of yoga and for always sharing your lovely smile. I really enjoyed my time at home.

    Jose, thank you for making me laugh, including the days I wasn't doing well. I wish you all the best in the future. I hope I can come back again or else, we will see you somewhere else in the world!

    Rebecca Turner.
    La Tejana
  • It has been a great experience. Thanks for sharing with me the light that you give off. I enjoyed Jose's meals, Vicky's great conversations and those wonderful yoga lessons. I thank Elena for show me the wonderful places of her land.
    With all my heart in my hand I give you thanks.

    María José.
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for being as you are, so simple, close and humble. You have made me feel wonderful things. Thank you for letting me share this little piece of our life. I'm going renewed and I want to repeat.

    I do not forget Noa, Fiona and the chickens that have also been my companions.

    I congratulate you on this place that you have built with so much love.

    Thank you.

    La Tejana
  • Impossible would be to improve my passage through "La Tejana". Wonderful days. I'm going renewed. Thank you very much for everything, family.

    La Tejana
  • Thank you so much for the very nice welcome. I take a little piece of El Palmar in my heart with this great experience of yoga retreat and all that entails.

    I wish you all the best in this project for La Tejana's family.

    La Tejana
  • Thanks for every well planed trip, for every perfectly cooked meal and the spanish lessons. With your great hearts you made me feel like one of your own. Please, continue to be as great as you are.

    La Tejana
  • Jose, Vicky and Elena thank you very much for how well you treat us. We have had a great time. It has been a great experience for us. We will definitely return to La Tejana.

    Wanda and Carmen.
    La Tejana
  • I was looking for a place to find myself again, but I never imagined what I was going to find. Every day I have shared in this place, I will carry it in my heart.

    Nati ( September 2019 )
    La Tejana
  • You can find everything positive here. An unforgettable week, I can't explain everything I've felt, seen and lived. I don't know how to pay so much welfare.

    Thank you!

    Mª Sol
    La Tejana
  • We are grateful for the welcome and for feeling very comfortable "at home". Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy nature, yoga and good food. The most valuable: you as hosts. Go ahead with this project that gives so much life!

    Patricia, Laura y Cris.
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for this fantastic week. La Tejana has been a true refuge to share, learn and live. Good luck in your life project.

    Kisses to you all.

    Laia ( August 2019 )
    La Tejana
  • I am loaded with energy and new goals and all thanks to this great family. You have made us partakers of your life, your experiences and your island. I feel very grateful.

    Good luck in your way.

    Natalia ( August 2019 )
    La Tejana
  • The rich bananas, my first hug with a chicken, the freshness of Osorio's heart, meditation, laughter, enriching differences, learning, recipe exchanges, listening and respect. Gratitude to the universe and to my intuition for bringing me here.


    Cécile ( August 2019 )
    La Tejana
  • Thank you for the fabulous days, for your generosity and dedication. La Tejana is a family and that breathes in every detail. I wish you the best in this way of sharing.

    Mª José ( August 2019 )
    La Tejana
  • Thank you for your hospitality and love.
    Joy is your best recipe even though the salmolejo, paella ... I will take them in my memory!
    The harmony of the body, mind and spirit that I have learned will be a way forward.

    La Tejana
  • Thinking about everything lived here, I can only smile. I feel admiration for you, for your project.
    You emanate so much happiness that you manage to spread it to your guests from day one. I congratulate you from the heart for what you do and give.
    I wish there were more people like you in the world. Very lucky for having met you.

    A big hug!

    Mª Carmen
    La Tejana
  • It has been a wonderful, amazing and a great week.
    Jose, Vicky and Elena, you have been wonderful hosts. Great yoga, great food and great excursions.
    A big hug!

    La Tejana
  • I feel very happy to have met you.
    In love with Vicky, with all the wonder she transmits and with her beautiful face, in love with Jose and his wonderful way to get a smile and his good work in the kitchen. In love with Elena and her way of being. In love with my super group and of course Noah, Wifi and Fiona!
    You are great and it has been wonderful to meet you.

    La Tejana
  • "Whatever you do, look for the beat." This is my phrase and this week I haven't needed to use it at any time. Thank you for the hospitality, the offer of everything, for opening your heart as soon as you cross the steps of your home and find Noa and Fiona waiting.
    Thank you for this week and for being the way you are.

    La Tejana
  • I have landed in a wonderful family. Everyone was so happy ... The house is a dream house, so beautiful that I can't describe it and with a five-star chef in the kitchen. In yoga I learned to be more calm with myself. I liked the style of the classes.
    The experience was so good that it seems that it was not real.

    Thank you for this good experience.

    La Tejana
  • An unforgettable week. We liked everything in Tejana from the first day.
    Vicky's smile, Jose's sympathy and Elena's availability. I've laughed a lot, I've eaten very well vegan thanks to Jose's daily effort.

    Thanks for everything, guys!

    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for this experience. You are special, positive and energetic people. The atmosphere in your house is very cozy and open and I loved having lunch and dinner with the other guests.
    This retreat has come to me at the perfect time to disconnect and you have made me feel comfortable like home.
    Many thanks.

    A big kiss!

    La Tejana
  • Dear Vicky and Jose,

    It has been a big pleasure to meet you and have the great luck of enjoy this days with you. I have great memories that I will never forget. This is a unique and a wonderful place. I appreciate you and I only have words of gratitude for the care, attention and conversations.

    A big hug.

    La Tejana
  • Upon inside of the house for the first time the good omens of the holiday period in La Tejana are already clear. The house or rather the "home" because this is how they make you feel, it deserves to be a tourist visit because of the typical Canarian style.

    La Tejana is more than a yoga retreat, it is a second family, which even without carrying your own last names make you feel at home.

    Thanks with all my heart!

    La Tejana
  • Very good times spent in La Tejana and a golden break!

    A very rich meal and it's like feeling part of the family. Thank you very much for everything, the incredible company, the yoga classes ... Don't change anything!

    La Tejana
  • They have been a great time in a great place with a great company. Here in La Tejana you are never alone but you always have your space and time. The chef is from Michelin Star and the teacher is the best teacher who speaks to you and teaches you as an equal trying whenever you are comfortable. Without forgetting Elena, the intrepid and smiling guide. Noa and Fiona are the best companions you can have in the animal world. All this makes this house and family already part of my history. Thank you very much for opening the doors. It was great.

    Mª José Flecha.
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for this fantastic week we have spent in your cozy home. I had good references from you and the truth that you have exceeded my expectations.
    The group has been wonderful with a very positive and cheerful energy. Thank you!
    Jose, Vicky and Elena, keep it up! Noa, Fiona also made the stay better.
    A big hug.

    Mónica Saiz.
    La Tejana
  • It was the first time that I was traveling alone and it is my first retreat. I really wanted to come but at the same time I was very uncertain about what I was going to find, if I was going to adapt, if I was going to like it and blessed the day I made the reservation because it was a beautiful experience, I learned so many things (among others English language). I have felt at home, as a family.
    Thank you for your love, dedication, because you have made me very happy!
    The group of "Las Torrijas" will always be in my heart. I have not been able to have better companions. Thanks a lot for everything.

    Always in me.

    Your friend the Asturian.


    Noelia López
    La Tejana
  • Thanks to La Tejana, a very special house with history, with a wonderful location, an incredible site. Thank you Vicky for your patience, your kindness, your energy and your yoga soul. You transmit a great atmosphere. Congratulations!
    Thanks Jose, for your meals, your love and your sense of humor. You make everything very easy. Thank you both and congratulations for creating this way of living and sharing it with all of us. Thanks Noa and Fiona, you can not be more charming and thanks to the team! "Las Torrijas, a sweet and stimulating group like cinnamon, I've had a great time and my body rested a lot and my soul too. Thanks La Tejana, my home in Gran Canaria.

    Azucena Cendejas
    La Tejana
  • "To share is to live", This has always been my life quote and this house is the same.
    I have shared everything beautiful and unimaginable.
    In so little time I have felt in family and thanks to the magic that you create Vicky, Jose, Elena and the charming couple that you are.
    I leave a small piece of my heart to the people who shared these days with me.

    Grazie mille. Pure Life.

    Silvia Ghiglio
    La Tejana
  • Who could have expected such a week with laughter, friendship, smiling and a touch of love from everyone.

    It is a precious treasure that will come back with all the memories created.

    Jose and Vicky thank you for your generosity, hospitality and the chance for our group to blossom in its own way.

    To the group if you read this everyone made it very special.

    All the best to everyone.


    Mehul (London)
    La Tejana
  • I had a great week in La Tejana. We were welcomed in an incredible way. I felt at home.

    Jose is a super class cook and Vicky has taught me many yoga things I did not know before.

    The activities during the week have completed the retreat in a very good way.

    I was very relaxed and had an unforgettable time. Thank you very much for everything and I recommend you in the social networks.

    Many greetings from Jürgen (Germany).

    Jürgen Tapparelli
    La Tejana
  • I'm Grateful for everything I've found this week. Family, yoga, walks, reading ... what a great time to enjoy yourself, stop, calm your mind, clarify ideas, take off loads ...

    Thank you for all you have offered me this retirement week in such a beautiful place. I have felt at home and with my family. Jose, wonderful (I'm glad that you are happy:))) Vicky, Namaste and everything that word means. I know where I have a place to go back when I need it and when not, too.

    A huge hug from Cris (Segovia). I forgot Elena! Thank you for teaching us this wonderful land where you live and be part of this great family of La Tejana.

    Hugs for all

    Cristina Merino.
    La Tejana
  • And so this week has passed so quickly!

    Coming to this stunning place was a blessing for my mind body and soul. I came here with a completely different idea of what a retreat should look like and I was happy to find out that my expectations were totally subverted. I was surprise to realise how people who don't know each other can became a close-knit group just in a few days. I am leaving taking with me the beautiful colours of the island, the amazing visit to the "heart of Osorio", the sound of "cuenco". Vicky and Jose engaging sense of humour and the tender eyes of Noa who helped me boost my confidence towards pets ( Wifi no yet, maybe next time or in another life! : ) 

    Thanks for taking care of us during this week!

    See you soon!

    Sarah Okpanum
    La Tejana
  • It's Friday, 31th May, when I arrive at the Gran Canaria airport happy or apparently happy. There Jose receives me with a smile from ear to ear, I get doubts, fears, really I was in a safe place? strangely Jose treats me as if he were my own father.

    I arrive with clear ideas, or apparently clear, I am an active person who likes active exercise and is healthy. I know Vicky, my Yoga teacher, I also smile from ear to ear and I wonder, how will she transmit so much light and positive energy.

    I think yoga is for quiet people who do not need a lot of activity, I'm afraid that I do not burn the calories needed in the day but how wrong I was. ..

    Days go by and I begin to see how something changes within me, I am agile, light, calm, alive, I begin to be aware of my body, but ... why now? It is not the first time I practice yoga! Easy: we unite nature + family + yoga and get the answer.

    Last day I wake up with the need to practice yoga, it gives me life, I think about continuing to practice it every morning. Thank you Vicky for your teachings.

    The walk through the Finca de Osorio teaches me to enjoy the road, the rush is not always good, it reminds me of my childhood when I wanted to become an explorer. Thanks to Jose for teaching me to enjoy the way and to relive the girl in me.

    Thanks to all the warriors people that have with me in this adventure.

    Lorena Valeira
    La Tejana
  • I have never believed in coincidences but rather that every encounter and place that appears on your path has a reason, a teaching, a purpose, you just have to be attentive to find it.

    It is not original what I will tell you but I have felt very comfortable in your home. I had the most important things, good food, good wine, tranquility, history and nature. My body has returned to feel the benefits of yoga and now it is my job to keep them.

    I've had the luck (that I do not believe in it either) to stay with a group of very nice girls with whom to share moments and stories and in my case to open myself to listen to the life from a different perspective, to respect and to work the humility. That's wath I learn. I've learned a lot from all of you, thank you!

    Olga Romero
    La Tejana
  • A place of serenity, this is exactly what La Tejana is.... Seven days have gone by so quickly thanks to Jose and Vicky. I have been made to feel welcome in your home and treated with such kindness, compassion and warmth.
    Jose, you are an amazing chef! Vicky the best yoga teacher ever!!
    I came here stressed, I leave relaxed and focused.
    La Tejana is more than a Yoga retreat. It's like staying with friends with a few yoga lessons thrown in.
    Thank you so much Vicky, Jose and Elena. May you have plenty more visitors in the months and years to come.


    Sara Bamrah
    La Tejana
  • So much time I had been planning an experience like this, where I could connect with my interior. Finally I found the time and all the anxiety that came with coming to La Tejana and specifying what I postponed so much that they say that what is good makes you wait and comes when you are ready to receive it.

    No doubt I will go home serene and connected, so full of beautiful conversations with Vicky, Jose, Elena, Noah and Fiona. I felt like at home, we did Yoga, we danced, we walked, we laughed, we brought ideas and above all, a lot of respect.

    Thank you for this experience that will undoubtedly be the start of many projects and things to be done in this near future.

    I wish you a good life and thanks  from my heart for this experience.

    See you soon!

    Noelia Pompa
    La Tejana
  • Thank you Vicky for all the talks, for all you have taught me about Yoga, for the passion you put into everything.

    Thank you Jose for those delicious meals, for your sense of humor, for always having an answer to my doubts, for your charisma.

    Thank you Helen for those beautiful walks, those walking chats and that natural sympathy.

    Thank you guys for opening your home and your heart to adventurous travelers like me who hope to find themselves and what they find are magnificent people that I will never forget. You are special.

    Om Santi.We will see us again.

    From a Extremaduran friend with an Alcarrian heart.

    La Tejana
  • My holidays in Las Palmas are usually  full of activities that they can being stressful. These have been my first holidays to rest and I really disconnect in a very long time. Thank you for treating me like a queen (or better!) And at the same time as a lifelong friend. Thank you for the love and positive energy that brought me back home. Thanks for the yoga, for the walks, for the walk in Guayadeque (Vicky, the next time we will go to La Caldera!) and for the "Sancocho" with the family, which meant a lot to me. Thanks also for helping me rediscover my island after so much time living out.

    I wish you much success with this wonderful project. Keep healing the world because it needs it.

    La Tejana
  • Thanks for undoing my knots, feeding my body and clearing my mind. You are great!

    La Tejana
  • A "TOP" team!

    I did not expect anything and I found everything: relax, disconnection, yoga, friends, a family..

    Thanks for everything. I will be back soon.


    La Tejana
  • It has been perfect. I liked it, it has enchanted me, it has hooked me and it has blown me away.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for these days, for your kindness, understanding and patience. For treating us with such affection and for your dedication in trips, excursions and attention with everything we wanted.

    You have helped me more than I think. I hope you will visit us when you come to Madrid and we can see you on future occasions. I have not stayed here to live because I have Diego in Madrid, but I have not lacked enough to finish acclimating on the island.

    A big hug. 

    La Tejana
  • Thank you Elena, Vicky and Jose for show me how to breathe.

    A big hug.

    La Tejana
  • Dear Vicky and Elena,

    Dear Jose,

    Thank you very much for this wonderful week in La Tejana !. When I arrived here I was very stressed and now I'm going home feeling much lighter and with much joy.

    It has been a pleasure to meet you and meet this beautiful island. I loved it and I hope to see you again in Gran Canaria or in Switzerland.

    With much love for Fiona and Noah too.

    La Tejana
  • With grief and joy at the same time, it's my last night in La Tejana.

    Thank you Vicky, Jose, Noah and Fiona for opening your door and a piece of your heart. It is clear that I will remember forever my "first retreat" and in the Canary Islands. It has far exceeded what I was looking for !.

    Some wonderful yoga classes. Vicky, you transmit a lot of peace, harmony and with your sympathy and that beautiful smile you make one forget all the tensions that we had whe we arrived.

    Jose, you have a gift for cooking and you see that you like it and you enjoy it. It has been a pleasure every dish that you prepared us.

    Your sympathy and your good knowledge of guidance have made the excursions were learning, laughter and was for all a set of very good experiences. My group of "Las Magnolias" ... no words !!!

    A big kiss!

    La Tejana
  • Thank you for hosting me at your home. You made me feel like I was in my own home.

    I hope that the feelings of this place and family accompanies me for many days and that you always keep it.

    See you soon!

    La Tejana
  • Vicky, Jose and Elena, thanks for all! It has been a big pleasure for all my senses to share this week in your home.

    The experience has far exceeded the expectations. The family atmosphere and the magic of every night enveloped me and I felt sheltered in every moment of my stay. The places of the island, the walks on the beach, the Heart of Osorio are very good memories that I take with me to my home.

    The discovery of different disciplines in yoga (The Nydra is my favorite !!), the karaoke crazy night, visit the villages with Elena and of course the "Shallow group". There is one thing that I have become clearer every day: Travel enriches the soul, but what makes these trips great experiences are the people with you share those moments. Thank you for letting me enjoy a little of your home and your wonderful island. You are great people separately but together you are extraordinary.

    La Tejana
  • It has been a week to keep a lot of time in me. It has been a big pleasure to share with you a lot of impressions and different sensations, special, the most unforgettable, the laughs ...

    I felt at home since you picked me up at the airport (Jose, don't ever change your smile and that Andalusian humor!).

    Vicky, you entered fully to the most hidden place of me where only few persons can get to do it, I leave it there. I brought my backpack full and it goes very very light and I thank you !!!!

    Elena, your company has been a pleasure and let us guide through the island with your very friendly way.

    Thanks guys for crossing my way. Hope the light show you the way.

    Kisses to everyone.

    La Tejana
  • Vicky, Jose and Elena.

    Where to start? So many things to say, right?

    Thanks for this unforgettable experience. A local experience with lots of jokes and good humor every day. Thanks for the smiles, the good humor, the yoga, acroyoga, for the food, for the kilos that I'm going to take to France with me :))) for making me feel at home, as if I were with my own family, for the visits of this Wonderful island and much more ... You are three wonderful people! Never changes please!

    You are welcome in France whenever you want. Thanks for everything!

    La Tejana
  • Dear Vicky and Jose,

    I loved discover this mini-world that is Las Palmas with its microclimate, vegetation, rain, sun, beach ... all in less than twenty minutes. Thank you very much for your hospitality and share your paradise with us. There are many ways to live and you are winners. I also relaxed the yoga sessions, like I fell asleep ...:)

    I hope to see you again soon. A hug!

    La Tejana
  • I have lived four years in Tenerife and I have to admit that I understood what the Fortunate Islands were. On this trip I learned many things and that we are already going for old people .... You are two great teachers of life and from now , these islands are even more beautiful.

    Thank you very much to both of you.

    La Tejana
  • Vicky, Jose, Elena, Noah and Fiona,

    What a time!! Sometimes you meet peoplewho touch your heart in such a lovely way ...all you are truly full of love, laughter and fun. Thank you for the moments and for the memories. Now a return to my finca to "eat bananas"!!!

    Love and hugs

    Grainne O'Flagerty
    La Tejana
  • Our best wishes and our deep gratitude.

    The next time we will see you again, I will tell you in English how yoga classes go. Thank you very much for everything and  we have half an island to see so, we will visit you again.

    With love, hope and confidence, everything flows ... Take care!

    A big hug.

    Carol Martí y Javier
    La Tejana
  • Vicky and Jose ,

    Thanks so much for this wonderful week!

    Every day was full of new experiences, landscapes,chats,new words..I'll go back wit a lot of images!

    It was really kind of you trying to speak English with us and funny to mix the Spanish- English words!

    I'ts a place that I'd like to come again! Wait for you in Greece!

    Alexandra Mouzakiti
    La Tejana
  • Thanks you for opening your nice house and your green and wonderful garden! Thanks for practicing some yoga,! I feel much better now and I am spired to continue because I feel that it's very good for me. Thank you too for this nice excursions to some landscapes and village, I enjoyed it very much! and at least, I am able now to say " pasa la mermelada, por favor !" , which is very important.

    Thanks for all and best wishes for all of you, your yoga classes and your dog, cat and chickens.

    Susanne Taaks
    La Tejana
  • What a better day than Valentine's Day to tell you that I have been in love with you. It's been a wonderful week. Full of laughs and SpanEnglish, the perfect combination, in addition to yoga, nature, excursions and family time. You have all been, not only hosts but also friends and caregivers. Thank you very much also for the great opportunity to teach some wonderful students... That's true love! Hopefully we'll see you soon. With lot of love.

    Beatriz González
    La Tejana
  • Hola,

    Only five days, but since it's been such a enjoyable and relax stay. It feels like much longer! Vicky, thank you for the inspiring yoga lessons. Jose, thank you for the great food ( muy bueno! ) and Elena, thank you for showing me "local" Gran Canaria ! Most of all, muchas gracias for making me feel at home and all the laughs we had! You all great!


    Marjolein Van Scheppingen
    La Tejana
  • Dear Melenas family,

    Thanks for everything. It is just what I wanted to do-be in a country with people who are interested in yoga, people open to new experiences and you are all like that. I think I will not forget that you treated me like a real family.

    I will return...surenly!

    A big kiss to Vicky, Jose, Elena, Saulo and my girls Fiona and Noa.

     Thanks for connecting me with my brothers Constantin and Claudia.

    With a lot of love (a Croatian in Denmark).

    Vanja Sekic
    La Tejana
  • I have arrived alone and I have gone with a family and two brothers in my heart. My experience in La Tejana has been magical and unforgettable. The company and this beautiful house have made me feel good with my body and mind. I leave this place with good energy.

    Thank you for so much love and good attention. I hope to return soon.

    Best Regards.

    Claudia Varón
    La Tejana
  • Thank you so much for all the love and cozyness that I have experienced during the last days. La Tejana really is a special place that I will take with me in my heart . It was a true gift to be part of the family even only for a short time!

    I hope to see you soon again, my dear ones!!

    Muchos besos.

    Constantin Schäfer
    La Tejana
  • The word that best defines my stay is: THANKS to Vicky and José.

    Thank you for this Galician-Canarian twinning. Here I leave a piece of the Rías Baixas and I take another one from Gran Canaria.

    I wish you good luck and a lot of positive energy.


    Marta Portas
    La Tejana
  • The heat that I was looking for in the Canary Islands I found in this house, where I felt part of this wonderful family.

    Thank you for your hospitality, generosity and your warmth.

    I hope to return.

    Cristina Pulido
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much Vicky and José for a few days full of peace and activities at the same time.

    Good yoga, good food and good people; everything is good here. Thanks also to Saulo for his interesting nature trips and his patience.

    I hope you can come back soon.

    Kisses to everyone.

    Tunde Longmore
    La Tejana
  • So the week is over, and I will leave for home as a new (and better?) person. Thank you so much for these days.

    I will remember the yoga lessons with you Vicky and your shining smile, your nice husband José and the patient Saulo.

    Hasta la próxima.

    Solveig Lorentzen
    La Tejana
  • Referring to the words of José: "guests come and go friends", that is just what I feel and have felt from the first moment.

    Your love, dedication and laughter have made me feel part of your family. Thank you Vicky for sharing such wonderful knowledge and fantastic yoga practice. Thank you Jose for pampering me culinaryly with that delicious homemade gluten-free bread!

    You already know that you have a friend wherever she wants; right now in Brussels

    A huge kiss and I hope our paths meet again.

    Irene Subiri
    La Tejana
  • After four days here, I only get words of thanks and a great smile that will come out every time I remember you.

    Thank you for your kindness, for your closeness, for the fantastic yoga and meditation classes, for the great affection for cooking, for the positive energy you transmit and for making us feel part of the family.

    Totally recommendable experience

    Patricia Robles
    La Tejana
  • From the first moment I felt welcomed and part of La Tejana.

    A part of what they were looking for, which of course I've found, I've been in the bag many times, conversations and new experiences during these days with you.

    Thank you very much for opening the doors of your house and making me feel like family.

    Lupe Marina
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much to the La Tejana family for welcoming me with such affection. It has been an unforgettable experience. A point of inflection. They will be part of the book that they have helped me write. Thank you.

    Patricia Melián
    La Tejana
  • I'm glad I made the decision to enjoy my vacation in this cool place!
    Maximum hospitality, well organized everything and, in addition to the activities, the best thing has been the nice and nice people with whom I have coincided in this paradise.
    Thanks for being so close and nice.

    May life go great. A kiss.

    Ruth Aranguren
    La Tejana
  • You give with all your heart. You deserve the best.
    I hope that this project will go full sail sailing and accompanying our happiness. I have learned a lot with you, especially to share. I'm rejuvenated.
    I hope to return.

    Blanca Torres
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for your kindness.

    I enjoyed my stay and the walks at your beautiful island.

    Thank you for preparing non-egg food for me.

    I wass glad I came and met you all.


    Laura Rosenkranz
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for the week of yoga retreat. You have shared your life, your culture and your food with us. Thank you! I loved the house and the animals, especially my dear Noa.
    I will continue to practice yoga with dignity and apply it in my life ...

    Hugs and kisses.

    Iness Morvan
    La Tejana
  • Walking through life with my heart in front of my shoulders and with dignity from my trip to La Tejana. I will keep walking with new keys thanks to you.

    I met here so many people really nice. It was not only a Yoga Retreat but a Laught Retreat.

    For sure, I’ll remember doing Yoga Nidra with the picture of a sheep on the sea and with Fiona and her curiosity.

    Kiss. See you soon.

    Anne Guillerm
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for this retreat with so many laughs, sun, good food, yoga and nature.
    It is a very nice project in which you can enjoy a vacation in good company and learn a lot.

    Let's see how life goes, but I hope to return! A hug.

    Florence Lebailly
    La Tejana
  • Thanks for everything Vicky and José. Thank you for taking such good care of people, for the rich and healthy food and for the enjoyable yoga classes.
    It was also a pleasure to share this stay with Fiona, Noa and the chickens!
    See you in Paris

    Elisa Zucchet
    La Tejana
  • The heart pointing to the sky and with the back straight. We will not forget it!
    Thank you for sharing your life and your home. I have felt very comfortable, far from my life, with walks in the 'botanical garden' around the house.
    Thanks for the interesting conversations, the good food, the good yoga and the visits and walks!
    A hug from Eva, from Amsterdam.

    Eva Vlasman
    La Tejana
  • An awesome time!! I have not felt this relaxed in ages. Very grateful to Vicky and José for their hospitality and all the love they have put into La Tejana.

    James Kalil
    La Tejana
  • A beautiful day dawns after a week of retirement in La Tejana wonderful. Serenity, generosity and why not: the beginning of a friendship with Vicky and José Antonio.
    Everything that comes from the heart is beauty.
    Many thanks friends!

    Mónica Jaen
    La Tejana
  • Heart and life throbbing in this haven of peace and tranquility. A place to meet you This has been for me La Tejana.
    I think to repeat. Thank you!

    Sandra Martinez
    La Tejana
  • Thank you Jose for your great meals and great conversations. Vicky for your yoga teachings, you transmit a lot. I take a great lesson. And thanks Noa for your joy!
    I would love to come back.
    A kiss!

    María Pose
    La Tejana
  • If in fact I had any expectations for this weekend, it has been overcome. I have felt at home.
    I thank Vicky and José for having decided to start this "business" in Gran Canaria, the island where I live, so I can enjoy it more often. And I write "business" in quotes because, from the heart, I have not felt it this way, but really a place of rest and relaxation in nature.
    And by the way, for more more ... the kitchen is too great.
    Thanks from my heart.

    Patricia Otero
    La Tejana
  • Thank you for making me feel at home, even better!

    Not only do they open the doors of their retirement, they also open the doors of their hearts. A weekend where I have met myself, disconnected and thoughtful.

    I will not forget you!

    Coral Belvís
    La Tejana
  • Thank you for making me feel at home from the first day.

    Sandra Hormigo
    La Tejana
  • Thank you very much for some very nice and special days.

    Bernd Quinkenstein
    La Tejana
  • Vicky and José, I loved being here.

    Camino Carcaño
    La Tejana
  • I loved being in your house. It is very special!

    Sandra Jordá Pascó
    La Tejana
  • Thank you for these days of rest for the body, calmness for the spirit and delight for the senses.
    Thanks to Gran Canaria and to you.

    Juanma Villanueva
    La Tejana
  • Says a teacher of my husband, that you always have to leave something to go back. I not only leave Maspalomas, I also leave projects and many things to do.
    Thank you is a word that remains small for what I feel, but THANK YOU for everything you have meant these days and forever.
    See you soon!

    María Dávila
    La Tejana
  • Many thanks to Vicky, José and Saulo for this cool week. Everything was great and I felt at home!

    You release such a good energy that you spread to everything around you.


    Eugenia Cándano
    La Tejana
  • From the first day I felt at home. Without a doubt it has been a great experience.

    I enjoyed as a little girl very excited, knowing every corner of the island, yoga classes and all the talks I could have with each one of you. I have great memories and lots of laughs. I can not forget about Noa, it's amazing.

    I would've been great. I have enjoyed a lot and above all I have felt HAPPY.

    You are a great team! Thanks for everything. I will be back!

    Andrea Romero
    La Tejana
  • An unforgettable corner to disconnect. Highly recommended. Excellent treatment ... we will be back!

    Lidia Guerra
    La Tejana
  • We spent a great week in La Tejana, with a combination of hiking, yoga, healthy food and good company. We will repeat, no doubt. Thanks for everything.

    Montse Robaina
    La Tejana
  • It's my fourth retreat and the first in La Tejana. It has been a very good experience. They give everything what is looked for in a holidays of this type, much nature, peace, activities and exercise to feel good with yourself.

    Elena Remiro
    La Tejana
  • Thanks to Vicky and the rest of the team we were able to spend a wonderful week. I have rested and disconnected like I have not done for a long time. Next year we´ll return. There´s much more to see in Gran Canaria.

    Ana Rodríguez
    La Tejana
  • First time in La Tejana and it will not be the last. Good atmosphere and good people. Beautiful and relaxing place. I enjoyed doing yoga and sharing good times.

    Gustavo Suárez
    La Tejana
  • I have spent a week full of peace and tranquility. It is a beautiful place where I found the relax I was looking for. Lovely people by my side. I will definitely repeat it.

    Marioly García
    La Tejana
  • What I take with me, apart from the friendship of many people, are nature walks, talks of personal growth and yoga; three things that I had not tried in my life, but that I have liked a lot. I thank the entire team from La Tejana for having shown me that there is life well beyond the office routine throughout the year.

    Marmen Álvarez
    La Tejana
  • It was my first time on a vacation of this kind. I have been pleasantly surprised, the environment makes you feel part of the nature and practice of yoga, which I had never practiced before, has made me feel in balance for the first time in a long time.

    Julia Cruz
    La Tejana