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  1. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Tuno'

    This week La Tejana has received a great wave of good humor and good energy. This group showed us that wonderful people do not need reasons to smile all the time. Thanks Flo, Anne, Iness and Laura.

  2. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Buganvilla'

    Ruth and Blanca showed us that when laughter and complicity flow naturally, friendship arises without any effort. Thank you very much for these days in which you have enlightened us with your beautiful light.

  3. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Guagua'

    A week of friendship and cultural exchanges in La Tejana in which we are left with the peace of Jamie, the spirit of Elisa and the smile of Eva. Our heart was once again captivated.

  4. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Osorio

    Group 'Pella de gofio'

    The family who this week was created in our yoga retreat left a mark on our hearts for life. What a joy it gives us to see young people with such good energy.

  5. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Spain

    Group 'Vegueta'

    These two lovers of nature, good life and good food met in our retreat and, in addition to starting a beautiful friendship, they captivated our hearts with their simplicity and great sense of humor.

  6. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana

    Group ' El Verol'

    These two Galician friends spent a short but intense weekend with us in the best way. We hope to see you again.

  7. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana

    Coral Weekend

    Coral went through our retreat as a wave of emotions and left us a sea of super positive sensations. It is difficult to find people as special as her. Thank you very much with all my heart.

  8. Yoga in El Palmar, teach by yoga retreat La Tejana

    Yoga in El Palmar

    On the occasion of the festivities of the Virgen de las Nieves in El Palmar, in Teror, our partner Vicky gave a yoga workshop that was very popular among the neighbors. We will continue working to that yoga comes ever further!

  9. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana in Osorio

    Group 'Galdar'

    From the energy and spontaneity of his youth, Camino reminded us of something we should never forget: people are made of emotions!

  10. Guests of Yoga Retreat La Tejana

    Group 'El Puertillo'

    During their visit, María and Juanma took the opportunity to get to know Gran Canaria better than us and in passing they gave us hundreds of experiences and moments that we will never forget. Here or in Madrid, we will see!

  11. Holydays in yoga retreat

    Group 'Laurisilva'

    During this week of guests coming and going. This Asturian by birth and 'tejanera' of adoption gave us thousands of smiles and her infinite positivity. Thank you very much!

  12. Excursions through Spain in the yoga retreat La Tejana

    Group 'El Drago'

    During her stay, Andrea showed us that the good way to live happily is to be always ready to enjoy, without prejudice or rejection.

  13. Guests of yoga retreat La Tejana hugging a tree

    Group 'La Peña'

    These two friends wanted to disconnect for 4 days in La Tejana and by chance they filled us with their vibrant positive energy.

  14. Guest of La Tejana retreat in viewpoint of Las Palmas

    Group 'El Plátano'

    This wonderful french woman spent a week in La Tejana. She taught us to look at our island as if it were the first time again.

  15. Pareja posando en las Dunas de Maspalomas

    Group 'El Palmar'

    Iñaki and Diana from Pamplona (North of Spain) enjoyed a wonderful week with us at the beginning of September. It was his first time in Gran Canaria and something tells us that it will not be the last.

  16. Peluqueras, Bandama

    Group 'Bandama'

    This group of hairdressers wanted to come and spend a different weekend in La Tejana. They had a good time and we also have a lovely time; with such guests, it is worth doing what we do.

  17. Familia Roque Nublo

    Group 'Roque Nublo'

    Antonio, the father of this family, enjoys only one week a year of vacation and decided to spend it with us. According to him he could not have chosen a better place.

  18. Group Guayadeque

    Group 'Guayadeque'

    This small group from the north and south of Spain who met in La Tejana and who were coming to Gran Canaria for the first time, enjoyed the different landscapes that the island offered them.

  19. Familia Artenara

    Group 'Artenara'

    This Andalusian family decided to spend a different vacation in La Tejana. We wanted to welcome them as part of our family and in the end it was they who welcomed us.

  20. Yoga

    Group 'El Risco Verde'

    A group of old friends, decided to spend a week together in La Tejana. It has been an unforgettable week for them and for us. We really appreciated it.


  • Yoga Dance. Retiro de yoga en Canarias El Yoga Dance es una práctica que gusta a todos, incluso a los más escépticos. En nuestro retiro de yoga en Canarias siempre practicamos una coreografía con nuestros huéspedes para darles la oportunidad de probar la experiencia.

  • Teror feels. Visit Teror

  • Gran Canaria, Isla de cuento (cortometraje del Cabildo de Gran Canaria)

  • Taller Yoga Dance - La Tejana - Andrea y Vicky Final del Taller de Yoga Dance en el retiro de yoga La Tejana, en las Islas Canarias.

  • Yoga dance en La Tejana Nuestra compañera Victoria Galván y nuestra gran amiga Andrea Díaz, nos hicieron pasar un finde yogui inolvidable. Repetiremos experiencia, sin duda alguna.

  • Time-lapse a los pies del Bentayga Time-lapse a los pies del Bentayga, en Gran Canaria. Cortesía de Semi.

  • Medianías de Gran Canaria Nuestro huésped Iñaki nos hace de guía con las hermosas vistas que podemos ver desde el punto más alto de Gran Canaria.

  • Grupo 'Roque Nublo' Disfrutando de las Dunas de Maspalomas con humor. La menor de la familia quiso gastar una broma a su madre y esto fue lo que pasó


  • I'm glad I made the decision to enjoy my vacation in this cool place!
    Maximum hospitality, well organized everything and, in addition to the activities, the best thing has been the nice and nice people with whom I have coincided in this paradise.
    Thanks for being so close and nice.

    May life go great. A kiss.

    Ruth Aranguren
  • You give with all your heart. You deserve the best.
    I hope that this project will go full sail sailing and accompanying our happiness. I have learned a lot with you, especially to share. I'm rejuvenated.
    I hope to return.

    Blanca Torres
  • Thank you very much for your kindness.

    I enjoyed my stay and the walks at your beautiful island.

    Thank you for preparing non-egg food for me.

    I wass glad I came and met you all.


    Laura Rosenkranz
  • Thank you very much for the week of yoga retreat. You have shared your life, your culture and your food with us. Thank you! I loved the house and the animals, especially my dear Noa.
    I will continue to practice yoga with dignity and apply it in my life ...

    Hugs and kisses.

    Iness Morvan
  • Walking through life with my heart in front of my shoulders and with dignity from my trip to La Tejana. I will keep walking with new keys thanks to you.

    I met here so many people really nice. It was not only a Yoga Retreat but a Laught Retreat.

    For sure, I’ll remember doing Yoga Nidra with the picture of a sheep on the sea and with Fiona and her curiosity.

    Kiss. See you soon.

    Anne Guillerm
  • Thank you very much for this retreat with so many laughs, sun, good food, yoga and nature.
    It is a very nice project in which you can enjoy a vacation in good company and learn a lot.

    Let's see how life goes, but I hope to return! A hug.

    Florence Lebailly
  • Thanks for everything Vicky and José. Thank you for taking such good care of people, for the rich and healthy food and for the enjoyable yoga classes.
    It was also a pleasure to share this stay with Fiona, Noa and the chickens!
    See you in Paris

    Elisa Zucchet
  • The heart pointing to the sky and with the back straight. We will not forget it!
    Thank you for sharing your life and your home. I have felt very comfortable, far from my life, with walks in the 'botanical garden' around the house.
    Thanks for the interesting conversations, the good food, the good yoga and the visits and walks!
    A hug from Eva, from Amsterdam.

    Eva Vlasman
  • An awesome time!! I have not felt this relaxed in ages. Very grateful to Vicky and José for their hospitality and all the love they have put into La Tejana.

    James Kalil
  • A beautiful day dawns after a week of retirement in La Tejana wonderful. Serenity, generosity and why not: the beginning of a friendship with Vicky and José Antonio.
    Everything that comes from the heart is beauty.
    Many thanks friends!

    Mónica Jaen
  • Heart and life throbbing in this haven of peace and tranquility. A place to meet you This has been for me La Tejana.
    I think to repeat. Thank you!

  • Thank you Jose for your great meals and great conversations. Vicky for your yoga teachings, you transmit a lot. I take a great lesson. And thanks Noa for your joy!
    I would love to come back.
    A kiss!

    María Pose
  • If in fact I had any expectations for this weekend, it has been overcome. I have felt at home.
    I thank Vicky and José for having decided to start this "business" in Gran Canaria, the island where I live, so I can enjoy it more often. And I write "business" in quotes because, from the heart, I have not felt it this way, but really a place of rest and relaxation in nature.
    And by the way, for more more ... the kitchen is too great.
    Thanks from my heart.

    Patricia Otero
  • Thank you for making me feel at home, even better!

    Not only do they open the doors of their retirement, they also open the doors of their hearts. A weekend where I have met myself, disconnected and thoughtful.

    I will not forget you!

    Coral Belvís
  • Thank you for making me feel at home from the first day.

    Sandra Hormigo
  • Thank you very much for some very nice and special days.

    Bernd Quinkenstein
  • Vicky and José, I loved being here.

    Camino Carcaño
  • I loved being in your house. It is very special!

    Sandra Jordá Pascó
  • Thank you for these days of rest for the body, calmness for the spirit and delight for the senses.
    Thanks to Gran Canaria and to you.

    Juanma Villanueva
  • Says a teacher of my husband, that you always have to leave something to go back. I not only leave Maspalomas, I also leave projects and many things to do.
    Thank you is a word that remains small for what I feel, but THANK YOU for everything you have meant these days and forever.
    See you soon!

    María Dávila
  • Many thanks to Vicky, José and Saulo for this cool week. Everything was great and I felt at home!

    You release such a good energy that you spread to everything around you.


    Eugenia Cándano
  • From the first day I felt at home. Without a doubt it has been a great experience.

    I enjoyed as a little girl very excited, knowing every corner of the island, yoga classes and all the talks I could have with each one of you. I have great memories and lots of laughs. I can not forget about Noa, it's amazing.

    I would've been great. I have enjoyed a lot and above all I have felt HAPPY.

    You are a great team! Thanks for everything. I will be back!

    Andrea Romero
  • An unforgettable corner to disconnect. Highly recommended. Excellent treatment ... we will be back!

    Lidia Guerra
    An unforgettable corner to disconnect.
  • We spent a great week in La Tejana, with a combination of hiking, yoga, healthy food and good company. We will repeat, no doubt. Thanks for everything.

    Montse Robaina
    We spent a great week in La Tejana, with a combination of hiking, yoga, healthy food and good company.
  • It's my fourth retreat and the first in La Tejana. It has been a very good experience. They give everything what is looked for in a holidays of this type, much nature, peace, activities and exercise to feel good with yourself.

    Elena Remiro
    It's my fourth retreat and the first in La Tejana.
  • Thanks to Vicky and the rest of the team we were able to spend a wonderful week. I have rested and disconnected like I have not done for a long time. Next year we´ll return. There´s much more to see in Gran Canaria.

    Ana Rodríguez
    Thanks to Vicky and the rest of the team we were able to spend a wonderful week.
  • First time in La Tejana and it will not be the last. Good atmosphere and good people. Beautiful and relaxing place. I enjoyed doing yoga and sharing good times.

    Gustavo Suárez
    First time in La Tejana and it will not be the last.
  • I have spent a week full of peace and tranquility. It is a beautiful place where I found the relax I was looking for. Lovely people by my side. I will definitely repeat it.

    Marioly García
    I have spent a week full of peace and tranquility.
  • What I take with me, apart from the friendship of many people, are nature walks, talks of personal growth and yoga; three things that I had not tried in my life, but that I have liked a lot. I thank the entire team from La Tejana for having shown me that there is life well beyond the office routine throughout the year.

    Marmen Álvarez
    What I take with me, apart from the friendship of many people, are nature walks, talks of personal growth and yoga
  • It was my first time on a vacation of this kind. I have been pleasantly surprised, the environment makes you feel part of the nature and practice of yoga, which I had never practiced before, has made me feel in balance for the first time in a long time.

    Julia Cruz
    It was my first time on a vacation of this kind.